The New Zealand Division maintains links with other learned societies in New Zealand, and with others concerned with the aviation industry.

The main one is the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ). In 1998 the Division concluded a Memorandum of Agreement and Co-operation with IPENZ. It provides for each party to consult with the other on matters of mutual interest. Furthermore, IPENZ agreed that it would refer any questions involving aviation to the Division for comment.

The Division also maintains contact with the Aviation Industries Association which represents the commercial interests of its members. The relationship is a balanced one – the AIA concerns itself with commercial matters and the Division with those appropriate to a learned society. The Division also has contact with the New Zealand Aviation Federation.

The Division’s branches are charged with maintaining contact with the university in their area. Over recent years a representative of the universities at a senior level has been an elected member of the RAeS New Zealand Divisional Council.

The Division as a matter of policy maintains a close contact with the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority. The Director and deputy director are invariably Fellows of the Society.

The Division has strong historical links with the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Traditionally the Chief of Air Staff has been a Fellow of the Society. With the simplified procedures now in force for members of the Service to become members of the Society, this link has been strengthened.

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