Air Transport Course

The New Zealand Division organises and runs an Air Transport Course at a tertiary institution in the Auckland area, usually in November. It is now every second year instead of being annual. The last course was run in conjunction with the University of Auckland, at its Tamaki Campus. Participants and lecturers were accommodated in Auckland City and commuted to the campus by train.

The date for the next course is pending a decision from the New Zealand Divisional Council. As at Jun 2011, no firm date has been set.

The concept of the course was developed from the RAeS Oxford Air Transport Course, which was devised by the Society in London, and has been run annually in the UK for many years. That course is of two weeks duration, which makes it very expensive and unattractive for organisations on the other side of the world. In 1997 the New Zealand Division adapted a basic one-week course to appeal to the widest range of organisations within the air transport industry in Australasia and the South Pacific.

Lecture prescriptions were developed and a programme designed with lecturers drawn from the highest levels of the Industry – airlines, regulators, air transport policy makers and academics. Earlier courses were held in conjunction with the Massey University School of Aviation, and held in the School’s excellent facilities at the University’s Albany (Auckland) Campus. Following the School’s relocation back to Palmerston North, the Society resolved to continue running the courses in Auckland, now in conjunction with the University of Auckland.

Each course has been rated by the participants as being professionally very useful. Succeeding courses have been modified by student input both by critique, and the rating of presenters, and by the student involvement in the discussion periods that follow each lecture.

Course fees have been set at the lowest practicable level to ensure maximum take-up as the objective is to provide a high quality course, and not simply to seek a profit. The current fee is $1500 plus GST

The course is designed for middle management and senior supervisors involved in all aspects of the air transport industry. These include government agencies dealing with air transport policy and operations. Course members gain insights into all aspects of the air transport industry from a panel of distinguished lecturers from industry and academia. Speakers are drawn from within the New Zealand establishment and from Australia, S E Asia, USA and Europe.

Those attending previous courses have come from engineering, supply, operations, flight crew, finance and administrative areas of the airline industry, aviation consultants, airport operators and regulatory and policy agencies of governments. Whilst the majority of those attending the course are from the New Zealand aviation industry, there have also been representatives from Australia, Tonga, Kiribati, Samoa and Singapore.

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