Application Process


Applications for grants from the Walsh Memorial Trust close each year on 30 October for grants which take effect as from the following April.

Applications must be in writing

Proposals must further aviation in New Zealand and must commemorate pioneer New Zealand aviators Leo and Vivian Walsh.

Applications must provide sufficient detail to allow proper consideration by the awards committee.

Applications and nominations for awards can be made at any time

Applications must be in writing and compiled in MS Word

Submitters should refer to previous award citations for guidelines on nomination requirements.

Awards must meet the criteria of the individual awards and provide sufficient detail supporting the submission to allow proper consideration by the awards committee. 


Address all applications to the Division Secretary at the email address given in the "Contact Us" page, or directly to: 

The Chairman,

New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts Ltd

67A Ernest George Drive

Karaka, RD 1


email to   

The Royal Aeronautical Society New Zealand Division and New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts Limited reserve the right to use, publish or post data derived from RAeS lectures, symposia, awards and other activities in the normal course of their business and in appropriate context. 



Year First name Second name Award
2010 Peter Beck Meritorious
2010 Russel McMullan Watt
Link for 2010 CITATIONS
2011 Barrie Hopkins Meritorious
2011 Cody Clarke Diamond
2011 David Neil Watt
2011 David Saunders Wigram
2011 George Kay Meritorious
2011 Glenn Martin Meritorious
2011 Gordon Ragg Meritorious
2011 Graham Orphan Campbell B
2011 Jamie Wallace Neville/Boeing
2011 John Mounce Meritorious
2011 Nicholas Bird Campbell A
2011 Paul Harrison Campbell B
2011 Peter McQuarters Meritorious
2011 Tahlia Fisher Diamond
2011 William Moeller Meritorious
Link for 2011 CITATIONS
2012 Avspecs Ltd Meritorious
2012 Callum McPherson Neville/Boeing
2012 Des Underwood Wigram
2012 Gary Williams Diamond
2012 Gene Demarco Meritorious
2012 Glenn Russel Diamond
2012 Glyn Powell Meritorious
2012 Michelle Thompson Watt
2012 The Vintage Aviator Ltd Meritorious
Link for  2012 CITATIONS
2013 Geoff Lamb Diamond
2013 Jason Read Neville/Boeing
2013 John Cook Meritorious
2013 John Lanham Meritorious
2013 Nickora Kaierua Patterson
2013 Peter Stockwell Meritorious
2013 Rex Kenny Meritorious
2013 Robert Willis Neville/Boeing
1976 Ron Tannock Roberts
2013 Ron Tannock Meritorious
2013 Ryan Davey Diamond
2013 Simon Jones Watt
Link for  2013 CITATIONS
2014 Aaron Mcleod Watt
2014 Andre Budel Diamond
2014 Des Lines Meritorious
2014 Graeme Gilmour Meritorious
2014 John King Meritorious
2014 Ray Deerness Meritorious
2014 Rocky Rua Neville/Boeing
2014 Ryan Tweedie Diamond
2014 Warwick Jones Meritorious
Link for 2014 CITATIONS
2015 Brian Cox Meritorious
2015 Peter Aadamson Meritorious
Link for  2015 CITATIONS
2016 Colin Smith Meritorious
2016 David Jupp Meritorious
2016 Michael Leonard Neville/Boeing
2016 Nicholas Ferdinando Diamond
2016 Richard Williams Meritorious
2016 Thomas Smedley Diamond
Link for  2016 CITATIONS
2017 Blair Thwaites Neville/Boeing
2017 Brian Lockstone Meritorious
2017 Dereck Williams Meritorious
2017 Hugh McCarroll Meritorious
2017 James Evans Meritorious
2017 Lucas Cronin Neville/Boeing
2017 Matai Qalovaki Patterson
2017 Matt Fearon Roberts
2017 Matthew Pollock Watt
2017 Michael Jeffcoat Diamond
2017 Phil Taylor Campbell
2017 RPAS Training Team Meritorious
2017 Steven Walmsley Neville/Boeing

     Link for     2017 CITATIONS

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