New Zealand Aeronautical Trusts Annual Awards

The Royal Aeronautical Society (New Zealand Division)’s independent Trust Company has been honouring outstanding achievers in New Zealand and the South West Pacific aviation community since the early 60’s when the main Walsh Fund was established to act as a memorial to the Walsh brothers. In the years that have followed several more Trust funds have been added to the portfolio with specific requirements established by the Settlors. The Awards Programme has rewarded individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to aerospace, whether for a single outstanding contribution or achievement, a major technical innovation, for exceptional leadership, long and valued service, or for those entering the industry and displaying solid performance and motivation for a career in aviation. Organisations can also be recognised.


Who qualifies for an Award?


The Awards recognise the achievements, innovation and excellence of both individuals and organisations. These honours are for achievements and contributions in all disciplines of the sector, whether, for example, in academia, aircraft maintenance, operations, legal, aerospace manufacturing, air transport, air traffic control, defence, government or research. Equally many awards reward young people entering the sector and act as encouragement to them as they begin their careers.


Nominators and recipients do not have to be members of the Royal Aeronautical Society.


Who can nominate for an Award?


Any individual or employer can nominate another individual or organisation they know, by taking a few minutes to complete the simple nomination form. Click here for application details.


Who selects the winners?


The Awards Committee, a small subcommittee from Royal Aeronautical Society Divisional Council, assess the nominations and selects the winners under the terms of the individual award criteria. Divisional Council also takes nominations for their meritorious awards (gold, silver or bronze) and the Council considers these and makes a selection.


When are the Awards awarded?


The Awards approved for any particular Calendar year will be presented at the Royal Aeronautical Society Annual Dinner which follows the Annual General Meeting and is typically held in the March of the next Calendar year.

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